20's Plenty for Us is a UK-wide
voluntary organisation.
[ www.20splentyforus.org.uk]

It believes that 20 mph should be the
default residential speed limit with
30 mph being the exception for main
urban roads.

There have already been Scottish
campaigns in Dundee, Stirling, ...
and more recently in Edinburgh.

Inverness has some 20 mph signage
but it is neither consistent nor sufficient.

With Road Signs being devolved, now
is the time to review this in Scotland.

This presentation will launch our
20's Plenty for Inverness campaign.

This is a Free event
 - Spectrum Centre, Inverness
 - 8pm on Tuesday 14th April

Organised by local cyclists
for the benefit of everyone.

Please do come along and join in.

Planned Meetings

   Next Meeting     AGM : 14 Apr 2015     7pm - 8pm     Spectrum Centre, Inverness     [Details ...]

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Welcome to the Highland Cycle Campaign


    The Highland Cycle Campaign is a voluntary organisation of like-minded people
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  • developing long distance routes
  • healthy transport for all
  • cutting pollution
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